Vintage report 2018

Weather during the vegetative cycle.


Winter was rather mild followed by a warm spring, as a result all grape varieties began their vegetative cycle rather early but uneven.

April was relatively dry and hot so there was no pressure from mildew before flowering, which occurred mid to end of May. Flowering was also uneven.

Summer was really cool and rather rainy. As a resort late mildew appeared on the vineyards in Krasna, but without being a problem. The high leaf area that we manage to keep in our vineyards helped the grapes mature without any issues. White varieties matured later than usual, while all the red ones matured earlier.


Phenolic stages of the vines

Bud break: 24 March in Lakka, end of March in Krasna.

Flowering: Mid May in Lakka, end of May in Krasna

Veraison: July 13 for Malagouzia and Mavrodaphne, July 20 for Assyrtiko and Athiri and July 28 for Xinomavro and Negkoska.

Harvest: Malagouzia was harvested late August, Assyrtiko and Athiri followed at the 20th of September, Mavrodaphne at 22th September and Xinomavro and Negoska  lastly at 24-26 of the same month.


Highlights of the vintage.


The cool summer led to an increase of the aromatic intensity both in whites but in red varieties as well, although, red varieties showed lower levels of anthocyanins and phenolic compounds due to the low temperatures in the veraison/maturity period. 



Vintage evaluation:


Haroula White 2018: Very nice balance between alcohol and acidity. Typical nose aromas, more intense than the previous vintage and a full body.

Haroula Red 2018: Relatively high in alcohol, medium acidity, young and intense color, intense fruity aromas, smooth and round in the mouth.

Argatia Naoussa 2018: The fruity aromas are dominant right now, medium color, very nice and velvet tannins supporting a medium to full body with a good lasting acidity.