Xinomavro Argatia

Also known as: Mavro Naoutsiano, Popolka, Xinogaltso, Mavro of Naoussa.
Xinomavro is considered as the finest variety of Northern Greece, grown mainly in Naoussa, Goumenissa, Amyntaio, Rapsani, Trikomo, Siatista, Velvendos, etc , on more than 1.800 hectares.
Its name means black and acid in greek. It presents a great variability, till now 5 clones have been isolated. It is a very vigorous and productive variety, medium sensitive to pests, very sensitive to drought, late harvested (after 20 September).
There is a strong relation between soil type and phenolic and aromatic richness of its wine. It seems that Xinomavro prefers sandy-clay calcareous soil for the production of full bodied, rich wines, capable for long aging while in sandy or sandy loam soils gives more fresh fruity wines. 
At high altitudes it can yield also remarkable rosés, still and sparkling wines with a distinctive aroma of red berries, especially strawberry.