A visit to our vineyards

The area of Krasna is a mild hot region of 260m of altitude. Soils are SC and SCL. Lakka is situated in 250 m of altitude and soils are lighter, mostly SL to SCL, while Xerolakkos, situated on 550 m  has a cooler climate, SCL soils and is planted with Mavrodaphne

In the area of Krasna we started planting our vineyards in 2000. The chosen varieties are  Xinomavro (clone 6 and 3), Negoska, Moschomavro, Malagouzia, Assyrtiko , Athiri, and Mavrodaphne (experimental stage)  grafted on 1103 Paulsen.

In the area of Lakka plantation started in 2008 exclusively with Xinomavro (clone V6 and  V3), while Xerolakkos was planted in 2020 with Mavrodaphne

The canopy management used is cordon Royat (Guyot in the case of Malagouzia)  with more than 1.40 m net leaf surface and a density of plantation varying from 3000 to 3400 plants per Ha depending on variety.
Vineyards are irrigated with 0 to 1.300m3 per Ha in relation to annual and summer precipitation and variety