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Our Winery, Argatia
Argatia Winery is located in Rodohori (12 km northwest of Naoussa), at an altitude of 540 meters. The company was created by Panagiotis Georgiadis and Dr Haroula Spinthiropoulou
The Creators of Argatia
The small familial enterprise of Argatia was founded in 2000 by Panagiotis Georgiadis, specialist in collective actions of viti-vinicultural sector and Dr Haroula Spinthiropoulou, agronomist, specialist in viticulture, writer of the book “Grapevine varieties of Greece”.
A visit to our vineyards
Our vineyards are situated in two different areas, the area of Krasna and the area of Lakka
Xinomavro Argatia
The nobblest variety of Northern Greece
Our Malagouzia
The elegant aromatic wine of Greece
Xinomavro 2007
A very promising wine
Argatia Xinomavro 2006
Argatia, Xinomavro 2006, a wine typical of this cool and relatively rainy year
The 2008 vintage
the vintage of 2007
An excellent year
Argatia White, Regional wine of Macedonia, 2009
A well balanced, full bodied wine
Our Assyrtiko
the most exciting white variety of Greece
the vintage of 2006
the vintage of 2005
An exceptional year for Xinomavro wines
our first vintage
A very good year for those who had patience
Argatia red 2009
An every day fresh wine
Our Negoska

Xinomavro 2004 Regional wine of Macedonia
Our first vintage of Xinomavro
Xinomavro 2005, Regional Wine of Macedonia
The Xinomavro which made the difference
the vintage of 2009
Another very rainy and very cool year
Vintage report 2010
A very strange year with a very good phenolic maturity and a rather medium sugar concentration
Xinomavro 2008
Argatia white 2010
A typical Argatia white, with a lot of yellow fruit and flower aromas compined with mineral earthy notes which are present also in the long aftertaste
The vintage report of 2011
An excellent vintage for both red and white varieties
Argatia white 2011
A typical Argatia white in an excellent expresion of the wonderful vintage of 2011
Argatia red 2011
Xinomavro 2009, P.G.I. Macedonia
A typical Xinomavro of a cool year
The vintage report of 2012
A very good or an exceptional year?
Argatia white PGI Macedonia, 2012
A typical white Argatia of an excellent vintage
Vintage report 2013
A very good or rather an excellent year
Argatia Red, P.G.I. Macedonia, 2012
The every day red wine of Argatia
Argatia White, P.G.I. Macedonia, 2013
A typical Argatia white
Xinomavro 2010, Regional wine of Macedonia
A classical Xinomavro
The vintage of 2014, a brief review
An extremely difficult year
White 2014, PGI Macedonia
Naoussa 2011, Our first PDO Naoussa
An excellent year for our first PDO Naoussa wine
Argatia Naoussa 2012
An excellent year
The 2015 vintage report
An excellent year for all early varieties and rather good for Xinomavro. This year started with the best omens it could provide us. Until the end of August through mid-September we were preparing for an amazing year for Xinomavro. But persistent rain and low intensity hail in the middle of September halted the great maturation process of the grapes!
An interesting year with a very good aromatic potential and a great acidity
The 2016 Vintage report
This year’s vintage allowed all of our early varieties to mature perfectly while in Xinomavro, the rainy September hit us for the third year in a row and as a result the vintage was a good one but not as great as expected.
Argatia red, P.G.I. Macedonia 2015
Argatia red, PGI Macedonia, 2015, a wine of 85% Xinomavro, with the beloved aromatic expression of this unique variety.
Naoussa 2013
A typical fruitfull Naoussa wine
Haroula white 2016
Intensivey fruity with the typical botanical notes of Malagouzia present but not dominant in the vintage of 2016
Haroula white 2017
Intensively fruity the white Haroula 2017
2017 Vintage report
A very good year!
Naoussa 2014
A typical Naoussa wine from a difficult vintage
Naoussa 2015
A fruitfull Naoussa
Haroula white 2018
A typical white Haroula with an intense aromatic caracter
Haroula red 2016
Haroula red PGI Macedonia 2016
Haroula red 2017
Haroula red PGI Macedonia 2017
Vintage report 2018
Vintage 2018, a very good year